Shramik Abhivrudhi Sangh (SAS) – Pune Province

Sas Goa Province

Date: 04-03-2024

Shramik Abhivrudhi Sangh (SAS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 under the Jesuits in Goa, committed to community development. With a registration number of DR/SOR/17/84.85, SAS enjoys tax-exempt status and is authorized to receive foreign contributions (FCRA No. 094440012). The organization is guided by an executive committee consisting of 6 Jesuit priests and a layman. Embodying the principles of service, love, fellowship, and empowerment, SAS strives to foster human communities rooted in justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity. The organization’s mission extends to building a society that reflects these values, contributing to the betterment of individuals and communities. Through its dedicated leadership and values-driven approach, SAS works towards building human communities that strive to march towards community well-being and social justice.

Achievements of 2023

Biogas Cum Toilet units:

SAS has built over 19,00 biogas units in Belagavi and Kolhapur district since 1992. Last calendar year 2023, SAS built total 722 units in 153 villages of 7 taluka

Biogas cum toilet units built in 2023
TOTAL 153722

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Shramik Abhivrudhi Sangh
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