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Joe Nazareth Sj

Animated by Fr. Joseph Nazareth S.J. – the Goa Province Coordinator.

Eco Spirituality is becoming a familiar concept these days but allowing it to become a well-spring of thought, word and action is a long-term goal. The deepening of our understanding that our common home is a God-given treasure to be cared for, requires discernment and courage.

Finding ways to bring about awareness, among the majority of our people, of the precarious state of the ecology which may reach the tipping point in the next few decades, is a priority for today.

All our educational efforts must effectively motivate the next generation to fight for their future. Changing our lifestyles is a must, including our use of plastics in particular, along with the reduce-reuse-recycle movement.

The SEAL network is at the motivational heart of the eco-movement

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