Gujarat Eco-Education Network

Gujarat Eco Education Networks

Initiatives of Eco Education are kept alive in pandemic as well. Team has put extra efforts to go online

  • Environment Awareness reached 17059 students, youths and have sensitized them towards environmental conservation
  • Over 31 LEAF groups – Leader in Environment Action & Force are formed in 15 schools who have participated in these programs.
  • A total of 225 LEAF workshops have been conducted through which 2160 students have been reached.
  • Campaigns planned and executed by students involved with LEAF
  • To date 4360 students have become part of various campaigns which has made impact on their minds as well as actions.
  • These campaigns have focused on banishing junk food, fire crackers and plastic pollution.
  • Green Teachers Program has been conducted to make teachers sensitive and aware about conservation and sustainability.
  • Green Teachers Program has covered 27 schools where 208 teachers participated
  • Eco-education team has taken the Green Teachers Program beyond the state to Hazirabaugh.