Gujarat Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Network

Demonstration network

Organic farming

  • Sevasi switched to 100% organic farming
  • Production of vermi-compost at Sevasi and Modasa
  • 40 milching cattle at Sevasi
  • Over 2085 farmers trained in various environmental friendly farming techniques.
  • Development of farms at mission statioms
  • Collaborations with government departments to utilize schemes.
  • Established 1050 vegetable nutrition gardens, spread over Khambhat, Tarapur, Waghodiya, Zhankahvav,Dharampur and Dangs.
Rain Water Harvesting Gujarat

Rain water harvesting

  • Rain water harvesting structure completed at St. Xavier’s High School, Dediapada
  • Five rain water harvesting structures have been completed by the Rajpipala Social Service Society in five villages of Dharampur (Valsad) and Dangs districts.

Traditional medicine network

  • 678 members are engaged in cultivation of medicinal plants
  • Farmers have earned income of Rs. 6,24,148from medicinal plants